composer, sound artist & curator

Artistic Residency Aalto University Helsinki (FI) supported by Nordic Culture Point

KET performed by Sound Quartet at Soundcupboard Bristol (UK)

Upcoming events 31may(UK) London 01jun(UK) Bristol 07jun(FI) Helsinki 11jun(FI) Helsinki 8sep(SE) Stockholm 12sep(SE) Gävle 27okt Stockholm 24nov Stockholm

Sound Quartet & Coldnose at The George London (UK)

OscilloScope Bangor (UK)

EAM composition Landing in Berlin played in Moskva (RU)

Sound Quartet at Klinker London (UK) with Liisa, Paul and Matt

Pluton Valencia (ES)

Festival Radical dB Etopia center for Art & Technology Zaragoza (ES)

_ PUSH _ Fylkingen SQ ft Hara & Phil and EAM works

Sthlm Kulturnatt Mouthpiece duo with Alexandra

Hurtigrutten Jordbro with Paul and Liisa

Easter in the swedish mountains

Concert and workshop ElectroChoc France

Residency Sound and Physical Interaction Helsinki supported by Nordic Culture Point

Hara Alonso at Fylkingen Stockholm together with Sound Quartet

SQ ft Alexandra Nilsson playing Mouthpiece at Fylkingen

Making music with Ikiz for The Gale Parallax movie


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